Friday, September 12, 2014


meant to post this so long ago, but have been crazy busy.  bear with me, please!  :)

it's a new month, and we'll be starting a new season soon.  i'm of the belief that it's good to reflect on the things that make us happy, as often as we can, and what better time then as the summer draws to a close, we head back to school, and embark on new adventures?

♥ evening summer breezes and fresh air.
♥ a sweet man to go on adventures with.
♥ sa magnums reloaded. playing ball with my family and carrying on the old team name is a dream.
♥ ice cream and waffle cones.
♥ new classes. bio and chem will be a challenge for me, but i'm excited!
♥ my freshly cleaned and waxed, shiny, red little mazda.
♥ movie dates.
♥ fall on the horizon (meaning layers, hot cocoa, and my fave seasonal beers).

what's on your happy list?

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