Friday, September 12, 2014

it's friday!!!

life is crazy busy right now. most days the only time i spend at home are the hours that i'm sleeping. it's been overwhelming, because while physically draining, being this busy is also really expensive, and at times i feel like i haven't been "on my feet" since i left the apartment two (wow) years ago.

that being said, i don't mind it one bit. i'd rather be busy than bored. bored candice is an unhappy candice. avoid at all costs (literally).

weekend plans? relax as much as possible. watch a movie. go to class and study. watch football. clean my room. hold my sweet puppy tight as i can. snuggle with the boo before he leaves for his vacation.  get ready for my trip to vegas.  girls night out and shopping with my sisters.  dream about all the beautiful things about fall.  you know, all the good stuff.

have a relaxing and fulfilling weekend, y'all.

get linked:

  • with all the negative nfl press going on, it was a nice change of pace to read about the compassion and generosity the saints and bengals have shown devon still, whose young daughter is battling cancer.  nola is like another home for me, and i have a lot of love for the city and the saints - kudos to them.  #geauxsaints
  • gilmore girls is coming to netflix!  i just added the complete series to my amazon cart, so this couldn't have come at a better time, lol.  even though my parents are still together and i'm definitely not an only child, lorelai and rory will always remind me of my mom and i.
  • i really want to dress riley in a spider costume for halloween now.
  • i'm just now starting to get into bukowski, but homeboy was on point.
  • i want (shhh don't tell riley).  i need.

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