Tuesday, June 3, 2014

the truth.

i have faith in two things:  love and loyalty.  i believe the two are mutually exclusive in relationships.  without one, it's damn near impossible to have the other.

i am nothing if not incredibly loyal.  i will put all of my issues, worries, trials, aside for someone i love and care about.  do i expect that from the people i love?  no.  but do i have faith that they are loyal?  yes. 

how can one expect to have a deep meaningful relationship if they don't have faith in others?  i have learned how hard it is to take a relationship seriously without trust and faith.  i had to learn to accept the fact that not all people are the same and that some people will surprise you if you open up to them.  yes, you become vulnerable, but you have trust that they won't take advantage of your vulnerability.

so think about it, friends.  think about who you are loyal to, and whether they deserve your loyalty.  think about whether or not you are being loyal to the people you love.  because i guarantee you they notice and they will love you all the more if you show you can be there for them, even when they don't realize they need you to be.  and i believe it will make your relationships much stronger.

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