Friday, May 9, 2014

it's friday, y'all!

my sister and i watching the spurs play the trailblazers.  go spurs go!

my last few posts have been about things weighing heavily on my heart.  i felt the need to get them off my chest, and once i started writing, i couldn't stop.  i feel so much better now, that my thoughts and feelings are out there in the universe.  truth be told, i am honestly happier and, therefore, healthier these days. 

that is not to say that i won't keep writing about those feelings.  i'm a writer, and as such, draw my inspiration and creativity from my personal life.  it's the nature of my craft.  so you may see more posts about heartbreak.  and you may not.  we shall see how it goes.

i'm looking forward to (short-lived) quality time with my bf, celebrating my bff's bday, and celebrating all the mothers in my life, especially mine, this weekend.  there should probably also be some shopping and swimming mixed in here and there.  i'm excited, y'all.

happy mother's day to all the mamas in the world!  have a great weekend!


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