Friday, February 28, 2014

what i'm reading.

i can't put down junot diaz's this is how you lose her. diaz's flow is poetic, and i almost want to feel bad for yunior, in spite of my better judgement.

it's hard to be the girl that gets away - that's for sure.  it gets a little old being the girl that guys have to walk away from in order for them to figure out they need you in their life.  but damn it must be hard to be the guy who let her get away in the first place.  deservedly so, i suppose.

this is how you lose her is about passion.  it's about growth.  it's about unrequited love, lost love, familial love.  it's moving and heartbreaking.  diaz's prose just grabs you in a way you can't understand and suddenly you are so engulfed in what you're reading that you forget to stop.   

i want to see where yunior ends up.  i want to know how he learns from losing the love of his life.  i want to know if he ever gets her back (i hope not).  and of course the question that i'll never get the answer to, is the half-life of love truly forever?

one thing is for sure, i'll definitely be reading more of diaz's work.

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