Friday, February 14, 2014

it's friday, y'all!

 flashback friday.  february 2013 - singing waters vineyard.

happy valentine's day, y'all.  honestly, this is not a holiday for me.  as much as i am a romantic, i've just never really gotten into it.  but i love to see every one's beautiful flowers.  it's good to know that so many of my friends have such sweet loves in their lives.

that being said, i do have a date tonight, and i'm pretty excited about it.  but that's all y'all get, haha.  no juicy details, you know how i am about being guarded and all that.  ;)

tell you what, rodeo season is wearing me out, but i love it!  i saw two shows this week, two shows last week and rinna and i are going to see randy houser this weekend.  i'm crazy excited.  it's gonna be a good show, i just know it.  and it's her birthday this weekend, so we will definitely be having a wild and crazy time all weekend long.  you're only young once, right?

have a happy weekend filled with love, friends. 

link up:
  •  my parents enrolled me in dance classes when i was 3.  i remember some of my first routines being choreographed to songs i knew from watching shirley temple movies with my mom.  i thought she was the coolest girl in the world.  she was such a gem, and the world is a better place for knowing her.
  • dirty dancing:  such a great movie.
  • this part:  "We live in this society where as woman we’re constantly told we’re too emotional, too feminine, too sensitive. And I’ve spent so much time trying to act and speak in a way that no man might ever level those words against me. But, the thing is, I am emotional and I am feminine and I am sensitive and goddamnit if those aren’t the things that make me pretty fucking great."
  • and this one:  "She wants you to take control more often. You will have to learn what this means, together. It’s like dancing: You lead her by feeling her. If you don’t feel her, you can’t lead." 
  • news anchors getting shut down by experts.  love it.
  • these photographs are beautiful.  especially that last one.
  • ok, really.  if danielle and i worked together, we would totally do this.  miss that girl and our habit of wearing sunglasses at night!
  • did i mention riley turned 5 this month?  how time flies.  i love that dog with all my heart, swear.
  • word.  michael sam is a great football player.  period.

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