Wednesday, February 19, 2014

happy birthday, rinna!

 via my sisters' instagram.  riley is such a photobomber.

we celebrated corinne's 23rd birthday this past weekend.  my new "besty" was kind enough to set-up a great night out at nektar lounge, and we invited a handful of friends to come out and party it up.  it was such a good night, and i know rinna had the best time. 

my sister has had a rough year.  i wouldn't wish her experiences on my own worst enemy, much less my own sister.  i know she's hurting still, but of course, she comes from strong stock, and i can see her strength growing and shining through with every day that passes.

corinne can be stubborn, hard-headed, and sometimes even a little bit of a brat, but she loves with her whole heart, and she gives so much of herself to the people she loves.  the girl is a hard-worker, and has earned both a promotion and a raise at her job, making all of us so very, very proud of her.

the thing that i love the most about my sister is her joie de vivre.   yes, she comes from the "yolo" generation, but i don't necessarily think that's a bad thing.  i've never heard her speak of regrets, and i know that she is truly, deeply happy, in spite of the situation she was in not too long ago.  corinne is a girl who won't let life get her down, and i admire her for that.

so here is my wish for your 23rd year, dear tita - be happier.  run a little wild, but never forget to be a lady.  learn something new, do something you love (horseback riding lessons, anyone?).  make a few mistakes and learn from them.  move out - experience a bit of independence.  take some road trips.  make new friends.  drink lots of wine.  and love.  love hard.  love deeply.  love yourself.

happy birthday, my boo boo. 

i love you to pieces!

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