Friday, January 31, 2014

2013 year-in-review, part ii.

april:  tried fralo's pizza and the granary for the first time (loved both).  ran the fiesta fun run with my dad.  went to oysterbake with my family.  went to niosa with casee and jeremy.  took my first trip to ft. lauderdale for my bff's bachelorette party (had an absolute blast).

may:  we found lola (or maybe she found us?).  i got my braces off!  melissa took me to the friendly spot for the first time.  i had my first chamoy margarita at nicha's.  we celebrated mother's day.  the spurs played in the nba playoffs and we were excited.

june:  kat had her bachelorette party in miami (we had the best time!).  danielle and dave got married in cleveland.  we went to south padre island for my 27th birthday/father's day.  i watched the last spurs game at the at&t center with my bff, her family, and other friends (after enjoying my fave cake she bought me).  casee and i saw wade bowen and randy rogers live at floore's.  ali and pete got married outside of philly (and we went downtown for cheesesteaks!).

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