Sunday, June 16, 2013

happy father's day, dad!

dad and i the day my sister, casee, was born.

happy father's day to the man who would read my green eggs & ham every other night, taught me the multiplication tables, coached me in softball and volleyball, did everything in his power to make sure i had the ability to go to the university of rochester so i could have that experience, bought me my first car, drove all the way to new orleans to help me move home, taxies me to and from the airport every time i go out of town, and let me move back in (rent-free!) when things got rough.  my dad always puts all of us ahead of himself, even wearing the same belt for years (haha! i'm not joking), while my sisters and i got the newest, nicest things and college educations.  my dad is the definition of a "daddy", and he has always put his family first, working long, hard hours, but always making it to our games, award ceremonies, etc.

dad, corinne, me, casee and mom at my 5th birthday party.  i guess mom let me dress myself.

for all the things that you have done for me, and all the things you continue to do for me, thanks, daddy.  i love you, and i hope you have the best father's day!

the daughter that made you a 'daddy' 30 minutes shy of father's day, 27 years ago.

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