Monday, June 17, 2013

the twenty-seventh year.

my twenty-seventh birthday has come and gone. it was shared with father's day, which was nice. for those of you who don't know, i was born 30 min shy of father's day twenty-seven years ago. i'm my parents oldest child, so it's always fun to note that i made my dad a father so close to father's day.

as y'all know my family took me out to south padre island for my birthday. we had fun, and y'all know how i feel about being beachside. i could spend all day in the sun, no joke. next time we go on vacation i hope we get to spend a few more days at the coast because there were a few things i wanted to do that we didn't get to (like parasailing, barhopping, trying out the brewery, bbqing and eating more seafood).

the past year has taught me a lot about myself. not only that but i've changed quite a bit. there is still a lot of work for me to do before i can safely say i am 100% feeling like myself, but i definitely feel like i am on the right track. not to say that i don't ever breakdown and cry, because i do, a lot, but i know that's part of the process and i have a great support system (can't say this enough) to help me get back on my feet.

so this is going to be a long post, but i wanted to share a few things y'all don't know about me, and a few things i didn't know about myself. in honor of my twenty-seventh birthday, here are twenty-seven things about me:

1.  i am incredibly loyal and forgiving.
2.  i can't sit still in a movie theater.  i actually hate to go, unless it's a movie i can't miss.
3.  i read my favorite novel, persuasion by jane austen, once (sometimes twice) a year.
4.  my top five travel destinations (in order):  ireland, greece, turkey, portugal, australia.
5.  i used to believe every person had one soulmate.  one true love.  now, i'm hoping i'm wrong.
6.  ideal date:  batting cages or a game of pool, followed by pizza and beer.  close second:  minor league baseball game.
7.  i would not hesitate to move away from home again if a good opportunity presented itself.
8.  i consider myself a runner now.  i get too antsy if i have too much time between runs.
9.  if i could i would bring every stray dog i see on my side of town (there are a hell of a lot) home and feed them and love them.  i cry sometimes when i see the ones that are near starvation.
10.  i psych myself out before i ride any roller coaster.
11.  favorite meal of the day:  breakfast.  i love bean and cheese tacos or bacon with eggs.
12.  i'm a big fan of fireworks.  and thunderstorms.
13.  there is nothing more relaxing and refreshing to me than being poolside or beachside.
14.  i'm slowly becoming one of those girls who loves mani/pedis.
15.  i talk with my hands.
16.  i love junior mints.  they are my newest obsession.
17.  i like to try local beers when i go on vacation.  it's a hobby of mine.
18.  i'm great at remembering numbers, but not much of anything else.
19.  huge nelly fan, from back in high school.  i still know all the words to "shake your tailfeathers".
20.  i'm not big on ice cream or cake, but i love cookie cake and snow cones.
21.  i wish i knew when i was younger how much i love animals, because i think i would've wanted to be a vet.
22.  i'm obsessed with the "lost generation".
23.  i used to think i'd be too chicken to jump out of a plane, but the idea of going skydiving is growing on me.
24.  i never completely fill a journal.  ever.
25.  the friendships you make when you are young don't always last.  the people you meet in your adult life are usually your best friends.  you make more of a conscious choice to build a friendship with them.
26.  flowers on my birthday?  i'll always be a sucker for that.
27.  i speak a little french, but i really wish i could speak spanish fluently.  it's such a beautiful language.

so there you go guys!  i'm sure you knew some of these things, but maybe you didn't. 


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