Friday, March 22, 2013

it's friday!!!

 acting silly at ana's wedding last weekend.  via jenna's facebook page.  :)

this week was a weird one for me.  it started with my car in the shop and exhausted from my weekend in atlanta, i had an extra day of spring break on monday, i aced my paper, but failed my exam for the exact same class, my classes for yesterday were cancelled, and then last night i had a fender bender on my way home from the library.  i never, ever go to the library, but since i had to use the law books i spent a couple of hours there last night.  who would've thought that my one and only voluntary trip to the library in the past few years would result in me getting hit from behind on my way home!?

all joking aside, i'm glad this week is over.  i have some plans for this weekend, to catch up on sleep and school, do a little shopping, and just relax as much as possible.  i've been feeling inspired to shop for some new plants and maybe even do a little reading and writing for fun, so hopefully i can fit those in to my weekend plans as well.

also, i'm doing this 5k tomorrow.  doesn't it sound like fun!?  i'll be walking, since i'm still nursing my injured ankle, but i'm excited to have some beer and wine afterwards (and do that shopping i mentioned earlier)!

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