Friday, March 22, 2013

spring has sprung.

 view of downtown san antonio from the utsa downtown campus.
oh, that mother nature!  how she likes to play tricks on us.  the first two days of this week were slightly too hot for march, but otherwise beautiful and sunny.  this morning, though?  oh, this morning is cool and dreary.

i couldn't help but notice last week that the bluebonnets have already begun to show up, which means that more of my favorite wildflowers aren't too far behind.  also, my parents planted some flowers and other greenery by our front entrance while i was out of town, which got me super-excited to go and look for some plants of my own.

i'm excited for some poolside time (hopefully soon) and for everything to look fresh and green for a while.  the change from winter to spring also means that classes are almost done for this semester, and that i need to bust out my dresses and sandals. 

i mentioned before how much i love the j.crew lookbook.  i can't wait to put together some spring-y outfits for the many, many outings i'll be having the next few months (i'm looking at you fiesta&danielle's bachelorette weekend).  here are some really cute spring looks from a few of my fave blogs:  spring nautical, spring trends (neon and black and white), south beachin' it, serene, neon tweed (with stripes as a neutral).

what are you looking forward to this spring?


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