Friday, March 8, 2013

it's friday!!!

post-zumba margaritas?  ohhhh yeeeahh.

y'all, it's friday.  and my spring break officially started at 5:15 yesterday evening (afternoon?  i never can tell).  mom and i went to our fave instructor's zumba class at casa ritmo last night and it was the best way to kick off spring break, EVER.  followed closely by chili's signature margarita trio, of course!

i don't have any plans for spring break, so i take my pleasure where i can get it.  tomorrow is my sister's birthday, so we'll be celebrating that, and i'd like to go see this movie on sunday, but i'm not setting anything in stone because it's my first sunday in a long time where i haven't had a thing to do.  during the week, i will be here, in san antonio, working my little booty off trying to make some money and complete my hours at my internship.  but next weekend...?  next weekend is ana's wedding in atlanta and i am crazy excited for it!

so for those of y'all going on spring break, be safe!  and for the rest of you, have a safe and happy weekend.  see y'all on monday!

some of my faves from around the web:
  • dancing boy at rascal flatts concert.  i hope one day i have a kid this cool!
  • great news!  vawa passed!
  • first loves.  can you remember yours?  there were tons of boys i had crushes on, but there isn't one that sticks out, to be honest.  i do remember one time i had the name of a boy i had a crush on for years face-painted on a dare [at least that's what i'm going to admit to anyway ;) ...a dare] and i won't post his name for fear of humiliation, but i guarantee you my cousin, amber, would remember (plus there may or may not be a picture for evidence that still needs to be destroyed).
  • who do you think should play your fave disney character in a live-action film?  i could def see jennifer lawrence as ariel, and leighton meester as belle. and i really can't wait to see angelina jolie as maleficent.
  • this song.
  • meg has been taking my breath away with her posts this week (this one and this one).

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