Friday, March 8, 2013

girl rising.

"One girl with courage is a revolution."

i just watched the trailer for girl rising via  it brought me to tears.  as grace states in her post on, "If these girls were willing to fight so much to get an education, what were we doing skipping all those classes?"  i feel guilty.  not for having the opportunity to get an education, but for not appreciating it more.  i skipped classes.  there were times i wanted to quit.  and i can pretty much say that i have never given 100% in any class.  now, looking back and really thinking about how selfish my actions have been regarding my schoolwork, i think, "what a waste."  i'm determined not to let that be the case anymore.  if not for myself or my family, then for these girls.  what an inspiration they are.

the film is coming to san antonio, and i can't wait to see it (already in my planner).  i'm hoping to get my sisters, mom, and pretty much every other person i know to go see it.  i feel like it's important.  if you're interested in seeing the film yourself, you can find a screening here.

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