Friday, January 4, 2013

it's friday!!!

someone once asked me what animal i would like to be, if i were to choose any.  i promptly answered that i would love to be a mustang.  wild and free.  strong and beautiful.  i'd roam, sunbathe, run, flip my hair, whatever.  you get the idea.

i've always been sure that i was a gypsy in a previous life.  a nomad, slightly mischevious, constantly dancing. i've never been one to settle.  i get bored too easily and i have this constant urge to travel, try new things and see new places.  i've said it before, and no doubt i'll say it again.

don't get me wrong, texas is my home.  i'm a texas girl to the bone and a southern woman to my core, but i still want to roam.  i used to dream of moving to the northeast, being a city girl, with city girl dreams.  now i long for colorado.  the mountains, the changing leaves.  maybe not set roots, but definitely plant a few new dreams of a house and family there.  we shall see.

in the meantime, this year will be about finishing school and deciding what to do afterwards.  i'm 26 years old and i still have no idea what career i want to pursue.  my interests are so all over the place, it makes it hard to make any serious decisions.  plus, there is the issue of money.

i also have five very exciting weddings to look forward to.  my friends and i have been emailing back and forth about flights and hotel rooms and dresses.  i'm going crazy waiting for the weddings to get here.  i just can't wait to see all my favorite girls!  this year is going to be great, i just know it.  :)

a few things that have caught my eye this week:
  • this irks me.
  • yes!  duchess kate and kim k. are both having babies this year!
  • really excited to see this movie next month!
  • this song is good therapy right now.  i really, really, really want to see gary allan at the rodeo next month.
  • "frost flowers".  so cool!
  • pictures of president obama & co. from 2012, including the moment he was informed of newtown.  my fave is of him and our first lady at the olympic basketball game, on the kiss-cam.

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