Friday, November 9, 2012

it's friday!!!

i'm pretty sure this is my favorite time of year.  halloween just passed, football season and colder weather are upon us, wurstfest is going on, and thanksgiving is in only a few weeks.  this year has flown by so fast, but i suppose i won't complain. 

things are going pretty good right now.  i'm loving being a cheer coach.  those girls lift my heart so much every time i see them.  i spend a lot of time driving between work and school, but i know it's all worth it.  it's going to get crazy soon, with the end of the semester upon us, but it's nothing i can't handle, right?  at least that's what i keep telling myself (as i self-medicate with my favorite beer, haha).  oh, and my candidate won the presidency!  so, yeah, i'm a happy woman.

this weekend will fly by i'm sure.  there are several cheerleading activities i have to attend, plus an old friends' bachelorette party, a utsa game and finally making my way over to wurstfest (i hope).  hope everyone has a beautiful fall weekend!  :)

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