Wednesday, November 14, 2012


hmmm...i've been slacking on my thankful posts.  i wanted to do one for every day this month leading up to thanksgiving, but, as you can obviously tell, that didn't happen.  so, i'm going to play a little game of catch up in this post.  :)

fourteen things i am thankful for:

1.  this little blog baby of mine.  five years and counting.
2.  my loving family.  i'd be lost without those crazy parents and sisters of mine.
3.  the best friends a girl could ask for.
4.  coaching the sweetest group of 4-6 year old cheerleaders EVER.  my heart just lights up with joy when i think of those girls and their sassy little attitudes.
5.  cold weather finally making its way to san antonio.
6.  taylor swift's newest album.  hello, red.  pretty sure my diary reads like each and every one of those songs.
7.  those quiet moments, where my thoughts are my only companion.
8.  my loving little puppy (riley) and the tiniest guard dog i know (chloe).
9.  my car. a gift from my parents five years ago.  i love that thing.
10.  books, books, books.  and music.
11.  that i'm still able to go to school and pursue my goals.
12.  that my parents took me in when i needed a place to go.  i don't say thank you enough.
13.  memories.  mostly the good ones, but the bad ones too.
14.  forgiveness.  sometimes i need it more than anyone.

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