Thursday, September 6, 2012


there comes a time when you have to just stop caring about what everyone else is going to think or say about your choices and you have to just let go and live your life.  it won't be easy.  not when you were raised to be cognizant of your actions and how they are perceived.

i'm scared.  every single time i think of what i'm feeling and what people might think, i freak out.  but i am so happy.  i'm having the best time.  yes, it's really soon.  yes, i could put on the brakes.  but why?  this is happening now and who am i stop something that feels so natural and perfect?

with all of that said, it does make me feel better that my immediate family seems to be pretty cool with everything going on.  i think they are happy that i'm not depressed and they're glad i'm getting back to the girl i used to be.  that's what is important, isn't it?  that i'm happy and healthy and moving on with my life in the best ways?  because that's where i'm at.  and it feels so good.

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