Friday, August 10, 2012

it's friday!!!

Port Aransas, TX - July 2012

this weekend is going to be super-busy for me.  tomorrow is jam-packed with things to do and sunday i plan on cleaning and organizing my room and possibly going to see my grandma.  i'm really exhausted from the craziness that has been the past two weeks and having school/work/cheer coaching every single day, but i'm looking forward to all the fun things i get to do tomorrow.  i'll be up early for certification for cheerleading, then going with my mom to search for her vow renewal dress, and my day will end with a slow pitch softball game i somehow let my friend lisa's husband talk me into.  keeping busy has really been the best medicine for me, though.  as i've said before, there are moments where i crash and hit rock bottom, but for the most part i think i'm doing a good job of embracing life and getting through every day.

honestly, what i wish i was doing this weekend, is sneaking away to the coast with a few of my favorite people.  the beach is all i've been thinking about all summer, and my trip to port aransas a few weeks ago did not live up to my expectations in the least.  maybe i can talk my mom, dad and sisters into a last minute trip next weekend.  a girl can only hope!

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