Friday, July 6, 2012

it's friday!

my independence day look.  navy and white polka dot shirt - francescas, 
ladybug necklace - j.crew (gift from my "little"), fire and ice lipstick - revlon.

4th of july was a blast!  ernest treated me to breakfast at cracker barrel (i had the multigrain pancake breakfast with over-easy eggs, bacon and a side of grits) and then we headed to my aunt's house in floresville for my cousin's surprise high school graduation party.  it could only have been better if it had been on the weekend instead of the middle of the week and if we had been able to make it downtown to see the fireworks at the tower of americas.  we had a lot of fun though, and bbq, cupcakes and pool-time were definitely involved.

i just booked a flight to see my best friend in phoenix.  i can't wait!  we're probably going to do a few wedding things, which i am so psyched about.  this weekend will be spent studying for statistics exam #4 on monday morning, and our final on tuesday.  then my next class starts on thursday!  sounds like fun, right?  ahhh, summer school.  so glad you weren't necessary when i was in rochester.  :)

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