Tuesday, May 29, 2012


today has been a day for another person's words.  i am so tired i can't think, can't focus, can't even fathom how i'll make my short ride home.  and so for today, other people's words will have to do.

i've gotten into the habit of writing down quotes i like on post-it notes, and displaying them around my monitor at work.  that's where the last few "truths" have come from.  the words of wise men, men who may or may not remind me of my father, the words that i cannot think of to say myself.  i notice only now that there aren't any quotes from women on display and think to myself that i need to fix that.  in good time.

for now i'd like to direct you to a woman my age, whose blog i read quite often and whose words struck me to my core and made me quite a bit emotional.  i know i'm only 25 (26 in less than three weeks, eek!), but i've felt things i never imagined feeling before, and especially lately.  i never thought that i would be thinking things i've been thinking and missing someone who is still physically there, but not there in the ways that really matter.  but there they are.  those thoughts and those actions that are so betraying. 

ah, well.  it's summertime.  and that is the best i can come up with as a closing...

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