Wednesday, June 6, 2012

sometimes you just need to take a breather.

oops...sorry for my hiatus.  last week was really rough and stressful.  my heart was full of a million + one emotions and i just couldn't put words to paper (or blog post, i suppose).  i wish i could talk (or write) about all the things i though about and felt last week, but i'm just not in the place to do so.  i will say that i have a lot of anger and sadness to deal with and it's going to be a long process i think.

however, my week did end on a happier note.  or perhaps this week just started on a happy note...i guess it depends on what you consider the first day of the week.

we went tubing on sunday and it was a lot of fun.  i drank a little bit and enjoyed relaxing in the cool water with my family.  and this week just keeps getting better.  on monday i bought a new tube of revlon lipstick ('siren', an orange-y red if you're interested) for less than $2 because HEB had an awesome coupon for $3 off.  it's always a good day when you can get a deal on beauty supplies (since they're so expensive, but so fun!).  yesterday i finally took a box of books (the trashy summer read kind) to half price books and got $20 for all of them, which was nice, because i was never going to read them again.  today, i found out that the dress i want for my birthday is on sale for about $26 so i am definitely getting that after work!  this weekend we have plans to go to the folklife festival downtown and i plan on treating myself to a day at the salon in anticipation for my birthday (nothing serious, just a trim).

besides all this fun stuff going on, i started class on monday.  i have class every day, early in the morning, but it's only one class and it's only 5 weeks long.  i really like my professor, and i seem to have a knack for statistics, so that's a good thing.  if nothing else, it'll give my mind a serious workout.

when my life is busy, i am happy.  when i save money that helps too.  i'm still really looking forward to celebrating my birthday next week, and spending lots of time with my family this summer.

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