Tuesday, November 29, 2011


for sweet dates with my boo.  (and getting things accomplished.)

we made plans to have a late lunch at p.f. chang's after running some errands at the school.  i had to get (another) meningitis vaccination since it has been over 5 years since my last one and utsa requires all incoming students to be updated.  lame, and painful, but i got it over with and am officially registered for the spring semester.  we also had to fill out paperwork at financial aid and VA certification, so we got that all done today.  there are still a million things to do before classes start, but at least we're slowly getting them all done.

 ernest treated me to p.f. chang's and surprisingly it was his idea!  the food was delicious and we both somehow managed to save room for dessert.  i went for the great wall of chocolate.  SO. GOOD.  afterwards we ran a few more errands at the mall and then i dropped ernest off at his mom's house.  when i got home i found a little surprise in my mailbox...

 i haven't seen all of the movies and was holding out on watching the last two with my mom because i want to start from the beginning.  ernest and i had talked about maybe doing a harry potter marathon before, when the last movie was still in theaters, but then decided to hold off on buying the movies until we could get them all at once.  this ended up being on sale on amazon for a really, really, insanely good price!  it obviously isn't the set that diehard fans are going to want to buy, but for someone like me, who just wants to see the movies, it's perfect.  thanks again, to my boo, for buying this!

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