Monday, November 28, 2011

weekend recap.

as y'all already know, we went black friday shopping this past weekend.  we hit macy's at midnight and also shopped at target, jcpenney, forever 21, urban outfitters and american eagle.  we didn't get home until 7 (with very little to show for our late night shopping adventure, if you ask me)!  needless to say, i was tired all day.  i slept as long as i could (which wasn't long enough if you ask me), watched a little tv and then headed over to ernest's house for slushies and a movie (we watched water for elephants). 

saturday was spent catching up on more sleep.  my parents worked on the kitchen while i watched ghost adventures on netflix.  :)  i was just in the mood for it for some reason.  ernest came over and we watched a few episodes together and then played super mario and mariokart for a little while.  when he went home i wasn't ready for sleep and that's when i discovered parenthood.  i love lauren graham.  i think she's hilarious and loved her in the role of lorelai on gilmore girls.  also, mae whitman is pretty funny in her character as well!  i recognized her right away from hope floats (one of my favorite movies).  the entire cast is awesome and i was surprised to see so many big names!

yesterday my sisters and i watched more episodes of parenthood and then went to see a late showing of breaking dawn with mom.  it was really good.  i liked it, although admittedly not as much as eclipse.  i can't wait to see the final film!  after the movie we went to chili's and had krispy kreme's for dessert!

i love really love long weekends.

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