Saturday, November 26, 2011

it's friday!!!

this "it's friday" post is coming to you a little late.  blame black friday.

we had a very happy thanksgiving!!  the food was delicious, everyone was here and we all were over-stuffed.  unfortunately i broke my camera, and didn't feel like using my phone's camera, so i don't have any pictures to share.

mom, dad, corinne, our cousin, madison, and i went to the mall at midnight.  it wasn't as crowded as i thought it would be, but it was still pretty crazy.  i really wanted to find some new, cute booties, but none of the stores i wanted to go to were open, so i'll have to wait a little longer.  i did find some new tops and didn't spend too much money.

something i'm thankful for today is my new 8 disc blu-ray harry potter collection that ernest bought for us on for a really good price!  i haven't seen all of the movies, so i can't wait to have a harry potter marathon when those come in!

hope you all had a happy thanksgiving and a great black friday!! 

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