Saturday, November 26, 2011

wish list.

so, after shopping yesterday at the black friday sales, and seeing others wish lists online, i started thinking about some things i might want for christmas.  especially since my sister has been asking me and i was drawing a blank.  sometimes it helps to go and see what's in stores and think about what's missing from my closet, bookshelf and home decor.  i've been wanting this sweet satchel from express, a new white dress shirt like this, and some new pajamas from victoria's secret pink (ernest's sister got me some last christmas and i love them!). 

canoe: universal tumblers

 old navy robe

this book

urban outfitters golden nuggets bookend

timex rose gold pearlized strap watch

a lot of the things i've been crushing on are things that i probably should already own, but haven't been able to afford, such as the booties and chambray shirt.  other things are just pretty things i think would look nice in my home, such as the book ends and tumblers.

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