Friday, November 11, 2011

it's friday!!!

this week flew by!

it's friday already, and we are currently getting ready to go to my cousin's playoff football game.  it's exciting because it's his first year on varsity, but their competition is tough and it'll be a nail-biter the whole time, i'm sure.

in other news, i am going in for my first interview next week!  it's at utsa in the human resources department, so i'm a little excited because that means mom and i can carpool, haha!  well, maybe not because it's a part-time position.  we'll see.  i just hope i get it because i'm desperate for some income!!

i need to blog more.  i think about it, but my creative juices haven't been flowing as well.  i can feel the words there, but they don't really come out.  not on paper, not in a blog.  weird.  i just need to focus, i suppose.

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Crystal Ann said...

I have these on Marks ereader if you want them. I think they're in pdf form so you could just read them on the computer or even print them out if you want.