Monday, November 14, 2011

weekend recap.

hope y'all had as awesome of a weekend as i did! 

we kicked it off friday night with a family outing to our cousin justin's playoff football game.  the dragons lost pretty badly, but justin had some great plays, so we were pretty proud!  uncle steve and michelle were there of course, as well as ernest, grandma, and casee's bf, jeremy.  it was freezing, but i love the cold weather, so i relished what little cold we had and snuggled up in my winter clothes and north face.  today it's in the 80s, so i'm a little bummed.  i miss the northeast and real seasons!  after the game we all headed to wingstop for a late dinner.

on saturday we spent the day watching the last few episodes of glee season two.  that night ernest and i watched the paquiao v. marquez fight.  it was a low-key day.

sunday morning i woke up early to take my parents to the rock n roll marathon downtown.  when they were done we all met up at taco haven for some breakfast and afterwards the girls and i played karaoke on the wii.  after our parents woke up from their nap we watched a little football and then a little harry potter.

it was a really quiet weekend, which are my favorite kind during the fall and winter.  this is the busiest time of years, so sometimes it's nice to sit back and relax and just enjoy peace and quiet at home.  thanksgiving is fast approaching, and i know we'll have plenty of projects to keep us occupied until then.  also, ernest's welcome home party is this weekend, so we have that to look forward to!

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