Tuesday, March 15, 2011

spring fever!!

it's the time of year every woman loves!  spring has sprung (at least here in the south) and we are so ready to show our legs off in cute dresses and short shorts.  it's been kind of rainy here in new orleans lately, which brought in a mini-cold front, but other than that the days have been beautiful...sunny and warm.  it has me dreaming of days spent by our (currently closed) pool or at the coast (which i hope to be visiting for my birthday).  and it's just another reason i cannot wait to get home (to san antonio) next month.  the wildflowers always pop up in the spring and that's one thing i miss the most about texas.

so, like i said, this time of year, we ladies start dreaming of new ways to make our closets spring-and-summer-friendly.  this has led to me to do lots of online (window) shopping.  i've been looking at dresses and bathing suits galore!!  here are some of my faves right now:

Topshop Yellow Frill Bandeau Bikini - $55.00 


back view. 

i'm also loving this dress from urban outfitters in orange.  $59.00 and so pretty!

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