Friday, March 11, 2011

it's friday!!!

my boo, setting us up for the parade on monday night.

this week was short and sweet for us.  ernest and i both had a four day weekend, and we spent half of it enjoying mardi gras (or at least trying to...crazy tourists!).  on tuesday, after four straight nights of partying (kinda) we finally relaxed and kept it easy, sleeping in and watching movies on netflix.

of course, that didn't stop the fact that i wanted the work-week to be done with asap.  so when five o'clock rolled around earlier, i was out-the-door.  right now, i'm relaxing on the couch, watching ernest play call of duty and waiting for our pizza to arrive.  the rest of our weekend will be quiet, i'll probably try to catch up on some blogging, but mostly we'll be saving money (staying in) and cleaning up (because right now our apartment is a disaster area).

these are the things that have made my week:

1.  peanut butter-nutella sandwiches.  delish.  lately these have been my go-to for breakfast, lunch and snacktime.

2.  the pile of mardi gras beads we accumulated (in one night!).  i was wearing what felt like 50 lbs of beads on monday night (mardi gras post to come).  i honestly felt like my chest was going to collapse or that i might tip over!  this is what happens when you tell your bf that you want to have lots of beads:

3.  red riding hood is in theaters today!  i am really excited and want to see it so bad.  i might have just talked ernest into taking me (or maybe i'm taking him?) this sunday.

4.  two words:  SA MOAS.  okay, okay, i know that's only one word.  but seriously?  they are delicious.  we already finished one box and have started on our second.  which also happens to be our last.  shoot, i need to find a girl scout, STAT!

5.  ernest and i have solidified our plans for our trip home next month.  ahhhh i can't wait!  we're going to be home for fiesta and it has been seven, count them, SEVEN, years since the last time i went to a fiesta parade.  i can't wait to see my family, eat mexican food, walk the king williams' festival and do the first annual mud run in san antonio.  four weeks and counting!

bonus:  i ordered some fun stuff last week and half of it got here yesterday!  i'll do a post on it with pictures soon.

and i just want to say, my heart goes out to those affected by the devastating earthquake and tsunami that hit japan earlier today.  a big thank and lots of love to our military and disaster aide teams, who will be doing all they can to make sure the united states gives all the support japan and the victims need.  thank you for your time and service.  be safe!

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