Saturday, February 19, 2011


riley likes to let it all hang out.

sometimes, he likes to wave his paws in front of his face.
"no pictures, mom!"

sometimes, i like to take pictures of cute outfits i wear.  b/c my sisters don't believe i have style.  haha.

forever 21 cardigan, express military shirt, forever 21 jeggings, cowboy boots i bought in nashville.

sometimes i look at pretty things for weeks before i decide to buy them.  most times they're already gone before i make the decision.

sometimes i sit here procrastinating instead of:

1.  studying for the GRE.
2.  cleaning out my closet.
3.  giving riley a bath.
4.  going for a run.

oops!  guess i should go get to those things now...

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