Wednesday, February 2, 2011

lean into it.


sometimes music makes me cry.

it just gets in my head and then seeps into my heart.  this morning, it was a song by little big town, a band which y'all already know i love.  on their newest album they recorded a song called "lean into it", that has one of the prettiest harmonies i've ever heard.

the song is about hope, and holding on to your path.  i think right now, with all the change coming up in the next few months, that i'm really, really going to have to "lean into it".  i'm going to have to learn, patience and perseverance.

it's definitely my favorite song on their new album, and i really would love to share it with you.  unfortunately it's not a song that little big town has made a video for, but i thought i would just leave y'all with a few of the lyrics.  also, you can hear it on their myspace page (it's track number 12).

This ain't where, I thought I'd be
If I could I'd stop it now and rewind it.
But this ain't where I'm gonna fall.
If there's a way to fight,
I know I'm gonna find it.

There's a strong wind blowing,
I push on, it pushes back.
It's a hard time,
But I know I'll get through it.
Just gotta lean into it.

ps.  don't forget!  national wear red day is THIS friday, february 4th!

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