Sunday, January 23, 2011

orlando, day 2.

we were trying to do "hear no evil, see no evil, speak no evil."  but mom took the pic before i got my hands in place, haha.
ohhhh if only there was enough time in a day.  or a vacation.

the second day we spent in orlando, we wasted quite a bit of time in the morning.  five people, one bathroom, doesn't always workout, y'know?  especially when four of those five people are of the female variety.

once we were finally all ready we headed out to epcot.  so.  much.  fun.  we did all the science rides and shows first.  they were all so fun and interesting! 

living with the land was awesome.  it's always so interesting to see what kind of advances scientists are making to make our world a better, cleaner, more energy efficient place to live.  we also did soarin', spaceship earth, the seas with nemo and friends and test track.  they were all soooooooo much fun, especially soarin' and test track!  even my parents loved test track.  but the best ride of the whole day was mission:  space.  omg, that was amazing!  our cousin, my sisters and i went on the more intense version of the ride, while our parents went on the less intense one (although i fully believe they could've handled it!).

but, by the time we got done with all of that, we only had three hours left until the park closed.  you can see our dilemma.  we hadn't even made it to the different country pavillions.

oh, but we did have fun in the few hours we spent there.  i had a norwegian beer, a german beer and an italian beer.  i bought ernest a boot at the german pavillion.  i bought myself a copy of "the three billy goats gruff" in the norwegian pavillion, and a pillow case in morocco (last picture in this post).  my cousin, amber, really, really wanted to see the chinese acrobats, and we were afraid we had missed all the showings, but just as we were passing through the chinese pavillion, we caught the last show!  it wasn't on the pamphlet we picked up, so that was a nice surprise.  

we also went into a patisserie in the french pavillion, where my sisters and i shared the most delicious pastry, that was something like a pain au chocolat, but i can't for the life of me remember what the name of it is.  mom got champagne and some chocolate covered strawberries (which sounds like the perfect valentine's present, my dear, dear sailor-man) which we enjoyed during the fireworks show.

it was such a fun day.  we didn't make it to all the different countries, but that just means that we'll have to go back again one day!  hopefully soon!

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