Saturday, January 22, 2011

it's friday...

okay, well.  technically it's saturday.  but yesterday was a crazy day.  i've been sick to my stomach since thursday.  i spent the past two days trying to make it through work, but having to leave early each day.  after i left work yesterday, ernest asked me if i would meet him at riley's vet appointment, since i'm usually the one who handles anything dealing with riley.  after that, i really wanted to rest, but we decided to grab some groceries first.  then, some friends of ours invited us out for dinner (or we asked them...idk, it's confusing) and since we hadn't been out in a while, and pretty much the only human interaction i've had recently has been ernest or my co-workers, i agreed to go. 

anyway, i'm feeling better now, thanks to lots of rest and pampering from my honey today.  i don't want to miss my weekly post, so here we i'm thankful for:

1.  i heard that christian bale is reprising his role as batman, and that anne hathaway has been cast as catwoman.  hell to the yes, i cannot wait for the next batman movie.  (and can i just say that anne's dress at the globes was one of my favorites?)

2.  riley is healthy, healthy, healthy!!  we can't be happier pet parents!  the vet we took him to is a little pricey, but we liked her.  riley is almost 2 and he's doing really well.  his skin is a little sensitive, and his guts get a little smelly, but other than that, perfect!

3.  ernest and i have just started planning a vacation, tentatively for the end of april, beginning of may.  i've been hoping for a vacation with my sailor-man for a long time, so keeping my fingers crossed that this time, it actually happens, and that he doesn't have to go overseas around the time we're planning for.

4.  talking to my big last week (sorority big sister).  it was her bday yesterday, but she gave me a gift in listening to my fears about taking the GRE and giving me a confidence boost to make me feel better about the whole process.

5.  i've decided that ernest and i are doing the rock n roll mardi gras half-marathon next month.  we can do it as a team, so i'll run 5 miles and he'll run 8.  of course, i haven't quite told ernest this yet, so he might veto my decision.  but i'm hoping he'll go for it, because it sounds fun and it'll be a challege for me.

bonus:  i beat ernest at pool for the second time ever in my life last night!  it was AWESOME.  :-)

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