Friday, January 28, 2011

it's friday...

alright, y'all.  it's time for the weekend.  honestly, i have no desire to be here at work today, haha.  i seriously pulled the covers over my head this morning, when the alarm when off and kept (wishful) thinking, "it's saturday, it's saturday, it's saturday."  nope.  didn't work.  not even riley wanted to get out of bed this morning!  every time i would attempt to get up, he would act like dead weight on my back.  and sigh.  we just wanted to stay warm in bed, i guess.

so what made me happy this week?  hmmm...

1.  well, ernest's valentine's day present has been ordered, paid for and shipped.  i'm trying to be excited about valentine's day.  it's really the only thing (aside from mardi gras) that i have going on in the near future.  but.  i don't know.  i guess i've just never been a valentine's day fanatic.

2.  short and sweet text messages from ernest, as he travels around the world.  literally.  he started his trip last sunday heading west from nola, to san diego, hawaii, guam and right now he's in singapore. they have a million more trips (exagerration has always been my strong point) between now and the day he gets back.  i worry, because some of the places he goes sound scary, so i'm glad he texts me when he can (cuz it's NOT cheap).

3.  starting to make plans for my spring cleaning/redecorating.  i've gone far too long unhappy with the way our apartment looks, because i'm not a huge fan of our (FREE) couches.  but, i've decided to make the most of it, and decorate around them (as in, pretend they're not even there).  maybe no one will notice they are not my style.

4.  i ordered pizza and wings last night.  to eat by myself.  i didn't have to share, or worry about someone else's likes or dislikes.  sometimes being alone can be nice (not that i don't miss ernest TONS and TONS and TONS, cuz i do), and ordering exactly what i wanted, because i'm not sharing with my favorite picky eater, was fun.

5.  i rediscovered my photobucket account.  yay for all the pictures i had completely forgotten about!

like this one.

 and this one.

  and this one.
all photos are from winter 2006-07.

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