Wednesday, January 26, 2011

wish list

by now you should know that i have one of these and i love it.  the little fujifilm instax 7s photos are so cute and the camera is just way too much fun to use.  i can't wait until i find the perfect way to display them.  actually, i kinda already have, thanks to rachel at smile and wave.  i just need to order my display piece, first. 

but, that's not why i started this post.  no, see, i want more.  yes, i do.  i now want this
it's a slightly larger and bulkier camera, but the pictures are slightly larger, too!  i'm hoping to be able to get it soon, but as you know, grad school applications aren't cheap.  so it's on the back-burner for right now.  it's really not an expensive camera, but you do have to take into consideration that film is pretty expensive ($18 for a twenty pictures!). 

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