Monday, October 18, 2010

these are my confessions.

last week, elsie from a beautiful mess and red velvet art fame posted her top ten funny habits/guilty pleasures and invited everyone to play along!  it took me a while to come up with them, but here are a few of my habits/guilty pleasures...

1.  making lists.  and never using them.  i do this all the time.  like, i'll make a list of groceries to buy (you know, the healthy stuff, veggies, fruit, etc.) but then i get to the store and buy whatever looks yummy or sounds good.  my journal is full of lists i never followed.  haha!

a new list.

an old list (i actually used this one!)

2.  i'm working on getting out of this habit, but i am really bad at leaving clothes on the ground.  i have a hard time picking out outfits in the morning, and so the vetoed pieces usually get left in a pile on the floor.  and when i get home from work i always change into workout clothes, and since i'm always in a rush to walk riley or cuddle with ernest before i go workout, my work clothes get added to the pile. 

3.  i bite and peel my cuticles.  which usually results in pain.  and looks like i was running my fingers against splintered wood.  ew.  which is why i almost always have bandaids on hand.  my favorite are the nexcare shrek ones and band-aid transformer ones.  so cute!

via google images.

4.  taking really long, hot showers.  it's just so relaxing that i never want to get out.  but sometimes that makes us late.  oops.

5.  i call my mom everyday after work.  we talk about our day or future plans.  whatever happens to be on our minds at the time.  sometimes we complain about our jobs, or family drama and sometimes we scheme things...we're so mischevious...hehe!

my mom and i, june 2010.

6.  i leave the things i use the most all over the house.  such as my inhaler, jewelry, cell phone, etc. and so when i need any of these things i'm constantly spending large amounts of time looking for them.  i'm always asking ernest if he's seen where i last had these things.

7.  singing in the car.  most people enjoy quiet in the mornings.  i play songs from "glee", martina mcbride, the band perry, etc. and jam out, singing at the top of my lungs.

via google images.

8.  crime dramas!  i watch ncis, law & order, criminal minds, amongst others.  i even get ernest hooked sometimes...i dvr my favorites and "make" him watch them with me.

both photos via google images.

9.  i almost always write in lower-case.  all of my journal entries, anything i write in my planner, emails to my parents and friends, my blog entries...i even catch myself typing work emails in lower case, sometimes!  i don't know what that says about my personality, but i'd be interested to know, if anyone wants to tell me!

10.  baking.  i love to bake.  i'll mostly bake ernest's favorites because we don't generally like the same things and that keeps me from eating them all!  but my favorite things to bake chocolate chip cookies with m&ms and chocolate cupcakes with chocolate or vanilla icing.  i just hate the clean-up afterwards because i am a MESSY baker!

ernest's 24th bday cake.

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