Monday, October 18, 2010

a little riley lovin'.

we babysat a friend's 10 month old on friday night and he and riley were so intrigued with each other, it was ADORABLE.  riley likes babies, and, though at first he's not sure what to do with them, he's really good about not biting or jumping on them.

riley and alfredo jr. on friday night.

riley and ethan (ernest's nephew), august 2010.

i love my pup so much, and we really, really want another one, but it's tough because we're looking for certain breeds (because of my allergies) and also we have to consider the fact that we have a one bedroom apartment and no backyard.  i guess we'll keep talking about it, until we are presented with the opportunity to adopt a breed that we want, and then we'll make a decision.

he likes to nap with his daddy.

soooo cute.

i'm really glad that ernest talked me into getting riley.  we were really lucky that his original owners didn't want him and gave him to us for the price of his shots.  at first i wasn't sure about getting a dog, because i've never had a pet and i was worried it would be more work than what i could handle with ernest being gone most of the time and me being riley's primary caregiver, but now i can't imagine my life without him in it.  he's so loving and is great company when ernest is gone, and a great "protector".  and isn't he just sooooooo CUTE!?

haha, he loves to model!



snuggling with momma.

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