Wednesday, September 1, 2010

time flies...

is it september already!?  i feel like just yesterday i was celebrating new year's at my cousins house, looking forward to a good year, full of lots of traveling and adventure.

i think september might be one of my favorite months.  although, i do love june and december and march...and april and february and july and november and october.  shoot.  maybe i don't have a favorite month. 

but september brings school and fall and apple cider and halloween decorations and pumpkins and all sorts of wonderful things.  my parents got married this month (and i was born 9 months later, hehe!).  ernest was born this month.  regular season football starts this month (pro, college and high school - which means my 15 yr. old cousin justin will be playing, yay!).

also, fall fashions come out this month.  boots, jackets, scarves...i'm so excited!

anyway, as i was saying...this year has really flown by.  everything i was looking forward to at the beginning of the year has pretty much passed and now i'm just looking forward to cold weather and the holidays...which will probably be here in the blink of an eye.  eek!

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