Wednesday, August 18, 2010

long legs = fat ankles.

maybe i should avoid high heels on my walk to and from work at all costs.  because i clearly cannot walk straight on uneven sidewalks of downtown new orleans.  and it's embarrassing to be tripping all the time. 

case in point:  this morning i'm wearing my favorite wedges.  they're black, Candies and just perfect for summer and fall.  also, this morning they are filming a movie at the high school down the street from my office.  i should mention that there are three routes i try to rotate to and from our parking lot, which is two streets over and about one and a half blocks in distance.  two of these routes take me right past where they are filming. 

so there i am, walking down the sidewalk, trying hard not to look too obvious as i stare inside the trailer with the costumes (what!?  i wanted to see what they were wearing!) and the sidewalk drops about half an inch.  and i almost ate it.  big time.  for whatever reason, my right ankle is not as strong as my left (might have something to do with all the times i've rolled it, maybe?)  and it buckled.  a lot.  luckily i caught myself before i actually fell, but talk about being embarrassed!  then, as if that wasn't enough, as i crossed the street at the intersection, my right ankle buckled again.  that time i couldn't blame the sidewalk because i was already in the street.

maybe i'm just clumsy.

in any case, this is not the first time i've looked like a fool in heels.  of course, when i wear heels that have a strap around my ankle, i don't have as many problems (AS MANY, i said.) so maybe that's a sign that i should stick to that style-. 

but THESE are just so darn cute!  :-)

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tia fanni said...

love the shoes...hey you gotta make sacrifices to the fashion gods...what's rolling an ankle every now and then when the pay off is looking super chic...not to mention...cute.