Tuesday, July 6, 2010

the much needed psi reunion...

so, i may have mentioned this before but, it had been 2 years since the last time the psis+pseudo+other had been together all at once.  and the reunion in orlando was much needed for many reasons.

we are all in different places now, moving on with our lives, post-grad.  some of us have finished our master's studies, some of us haven't even started.  there have been heartbreaks, and soul mates.  none of us are married, but i think it's in the back of all of our minds.  some of our family structures have changed...we've gained and we've lost.  it's been really hard, because for the most part we've gone through some major life changes without our best girls by our sides.

danielle moved the farthest from rochester.  she's doing teach for america in phoenix.  i've visited her once and you all saw pictures from the time she visited me here in new orleans.  ana is in atlanta going to law school, which is nice because it's close to her hometown in florida, but still pretty far from miami and from the rest of us.  kim, ali and jenna all live pretty close (ali and jenna are actually roommates) in boston.  and kelly is relatively close to them in dc, but we just learned she's going overseas soon.

we're hoping to make our reunion an annual one, meeting for one weekend when we can all get off from work and we have enough money (or a cheap enough destination).  i'll keep my fingers crossed for somewhere on the beach next summer (when kelly comes back from overseas).

orlando was beautiful, though a bit rainy during our stay.  we ate good food and had yummy drinks.  we went to magic kingdom (a first for kim and i!) and danced at citywalk.  ali proposed to our taxi driver (all taken out of context) and we talked about weddings and our wonderful boys (men!) a lot (we missed 'em, what can we say!?).  we watched "drinking out of cups", wore matching t-shirts and howled at the moon.  it was the perfect weekend.  and i miss my girls so much already.

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