Friday, June 18, 2010

crawfish, karaoke and sleep sleep sleep.

that's what i did on my birthday!  i turned 24 wednesday (weird, not ready to be almost a quarter century old at all) and all i wanted to do was have a boiled crawfish dinner, play my new wii game (karaoke revolution) from my honey and sleep!  it was a pretty perfect day, if you forget about the 8 hours i spent at work.  anyway, i have a little treat for y'all!  24 things you may or may not know about me.  enjoy!

1.  i pretty much inhale books.  i love Love LOVE to read and will read ANYTHING!  i finished the twilight saga in three days.  my favorite parts?  when bella and edward first meet, and their wedding.  the imagery is incredible.  least fave?  all of breaking dawn.  i just can't get into it.
2.  that being said, i will never, never, never own a kindle or any other kind of electronic reader.  i love a good old-fashioned trip to the bookstore or library and the way books smell!  i also prefer to read the newspaper, but since ernest and i haven't really had a "home", i've succumbed to reading my news online.
3.  i love food.  we have a great relationship.  i'll eat anything from asparagus to cupcakes and i really enjoy cooking new dishes.  not a big fan of pork, though.
4.  i really don't mind long road trips.  i've done the 8+ hours between NOLA and SATX by myself a couple of times and i enjoyed my "quiet" time.
5.  i do mind when people ask about ernest and i.  i guess i just feel like they're prying into our personal life and i'm not one to talk about my feelings for him.  writing is one thing because i consider everything i write personal and i get to choose what to write about.  but saying those words out loud makes me feel incredibly vulnerable.
6.  i still feel really guilty for what a horrible big sister i used to be.  it drives me to tears sometimes.  i love my sisters.  we have a bond that is unexplainable.  i hope they forgive me for my selfishness and i hope they know they will ALWAYS come first.  no matter what.
7.  i have serious control issues.  i don't know if it's because i'm the oldest of three girls or what, but i have a certain way i do things and a certain way i like things and i get frustrated when they're not that way.
8.  i have two dream houses.  i want a huge house with lots of southern charm, on at least five acres of land with lots and lots of trees in my front yard.  i also want a tuscan villa (a la under the tuscan sun).  'nuff said.
9.  riley is my first pet (unless you count fish, which i don't).  and YES, i'm obsessed.
10.  i love boutique shopping, even if it is just a tad more expensive.  francesca's is my favorite!
11.  i prefer flip flops (or going barefoot) to real shoes.
12.  if i could listen to music all day long, i would.  i love music, i get lost in it.  i sing alone, sometimes dance, sometimes get caught doing both in my car.  i'll listen to pretty much anything, but i am a HUGE country fan.
13.  i'm always on the lookout for cool/nice pens.  i consider myself a "writer" so i guess it comes with the territory.
14.  i like to surround myself with pictures.  pictures of me and my sailor man, pictures of my sisters, friends, professional pictures...i like to decorate w/pictures rather than paintings.
15.  with my two dream houses i also want a huge garden and orange trees, lemon trees, olive trees, tomato vines and melons.  IDEAL.
16.  i am addicted to crime dramas.  law & order, ncis, criminal minds...those are the ones i watch the most.
17.  i'm a GLEEK!
18.  if you want to buy me a drink on my birthday (or any day) buy me a margarita, jagerbomb or blue moon.
19.  i'm indecisive.  i've changed my career path several times, ranging from a writer, reporter, pharmacist, lawyer...but i never changed my major!  i think i'm just afraid to be unhappy and i really don't want to be tied down to a desk, but i want to be something where i won't have to worry about money.  i never want to be a teacher, though.  those people (besty!) have a courage i could never find.
20.  i am the poster child for not realizing who your real friends are until you are a real grown-up.  people i thought were my friends in high school, i don't even talk to.  and the ones that i never realized were great friends, are now some of my best.  plus, i didn't meet my best friend until college.  and actually, i have SEVERAL best friends (i'm a firm believer in having more than one!)!!!!
21.  i want babies.  i'm just scared to physically have them.  i'm not going to lie, the older we get, the more often ernest and i have the baby-talk.  we know financially and physically we're not ready, but i can see the itch in us more and more everytime someone we know has one.
22.  if i were to runaway (at this point my mom is probably saying "runaway from what?" like she always does), i would runaway to nashville.  music city is amazing and beautiful and just sooooooo country.  i love it.  plus, some of my favorite people live (or will live) there.
23.  my favorite disney movie?  the little mermaid.  i can pretty much sing every song from the movie and say every line.  do i own it?  no.  everytime i want to buy it, it goes back in the vault!
24.  i will, forever and always, be a san antonio girl.  i'm just not ready to make it my permanent home yet.  i've been away for going on 6 years now.  that's a long time to build up an independence and way of life that will surely change once i move back home.  i want to be close to my family, but i also want to have a little space.  so, hopefully when ernest gets out of the navy, we can find a home that isn't on top of our families and gives us just enough distance between us and them.  because i love our life the way it is now.

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