Monday, May 24, 2010


my sister has unofficially moved in.  i'm so excited because i miss my sisters all the time and it's nice to have at least one of them here.  i feel like i miss so much of their lives because i don't live at home.  she and her crazy (and i mean looooooney) dog arrived two weeks ago.  i got her a job at my office and she seems to enjoy it a bit.  we've been exploring the area around the office and have really kind of embraced new orleans.

my lil pooch, riley, and my sisters' silly pup, chloe, are like brother and sister.  they run around and around and around my tiny (though at one time i believed it was massive) one bedroom apartment.  around and around and around they go.  it started to drive me a little looney.  but they're adorable and just so lovable.

looking forward to this weekend.  it kicks off my summer of fun fun fun!

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