Saturday, December 26, 2009

anything i set my heart to...

my dad's family gets together every christmas eve...we eat, hang out and open TONS of presents. this year, we were sitting around and someone asked me what i wanted to do after i am done with school for good. i replied that i would love to serve the world. there are so many things we can do for our fellow men and women and i would love to make my career service related.
someone at the table laughed at my reply. being that they serve out community themselves and have been for many years, i can see their jaded response, but i think it's sad. i have so much respect for this person and what they do and it hurts me to think that they believe my desire to serve others to be be futile.
my belief is that any little bit helps. for christmas this year i gave my 7 & 8 year old cousins legos because they both are incredibly intelligent and impressionable (like all children are). maybe these lego sest will inspire them to be architects or engineers, and just like that i've made a difference in their lives by giving them a reason to stay off the streets, in school and out of trouble. i want more for my family, more for my country and more for the world.
we can all make a difference. holding the door open for the woman behind you with a smile may brighten her day. sending an e-card to our military men and women separated from their families could keep them going and safe for another day. building/renovating a house for a family that can't do it themselves would definitely make their lives easier and maybe inspire their children to be equally giving. i've seen it myself, and i'm sure i'm not the only person who has felt their whole body warm after doing something nice for someone, whether you know them or not.
so i am not discouraged...i will make a difference, for one person or perhaps for many. and i may even be even more inspired to do...anything i set my heart to.

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