Thursday, January 24, 2008


haha, i complained that it was 49 degrees outside in november!? man, it's been like 18 degrees lately. nice. for the most part there hasn't been too much snow. of course, i'm not really sure because i don't spend much time outside. this semester is a little bit busier for me. on wednesdays i have about half an hour to "relax" between 8:30 am and 7:30 pm. but at least i'm almost done. in fact, january is almost done, and i've already crossed off two weeks until graduation. yesssssss!

i've been a little frustrated lately though. i know that i complain about sorority life occasionally, but it's not all bad. there are some fun times. things that i really look forward to going to. i mean, it's hard to split my free time fairly amongst the people i love and my extracurricular activities, but it's my senior year, you know? i just hate when certain people get frustrated because they know i'm not going to be around to talk to them or hang out with them. it's frustrating to me too, but i have one more semester with my friends and i want to make the best of it. for instance, spring break, as much as i would love to go home, i've never gone anywhere with my girls, where we just go and be girls and young and free. that's what this coming spring break is all about! i mean, the four of us all have boyfriends (who need not worry about us being all-out crazy b/c we love them!), but we really want to have a girls-only vacay!

so i just wish that i could talk about things regarding my extracurriculars without people being offended. while i certainly give up on the politics of certain extracurricular activities i participate in , that does not mean that i give up on being involved completely. i may have my annoyances, but at the same time, there are many good things i've gotten out of each activity i've been involved with.

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