Monday, February 18, 2008


it's not easy to be here alone. granted i have my cheer and sorority girls. and dani and kat and madz. but i don't live on campus and so sometimes i feel sooooo lonely. i hate coming home to an empty house. even when my roommate is here, it's still lonely b/c we're not close.

i really miss ernest and my family when i start to feel that way. and i hate it here. add yucky weather on top of it and, well, i end up feeling like a recluse, because i don't feel like leaving my bed.

i think that once i'm with ernest in a couple of weeks i'll feel sooo much better. he's my bestest friend and he makes me feel so important. i really miss him when we're apart. i know we get on each other's nerves sometimes, and sometimes we argue, but it's because we care so much for each other.

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