Thursday, November 15, 2007


sitting here in the library (libs), and kinda bored, so decided to "check in". it's finally getting cold. and by finally i mean, dammit it's cold ALREADY!? no, it's actually pretty late in the year for it to be this warm i think, personally. my thermometer in the car read 49ish last time i checked. lame. this means that i actually have to dry my hair before i leave the house. and put on layers. and buy those dumb $20 boots b/c i don't want my feet to freeze or my jeans to get wet. grrrrr...

it's also cuddly time, which means i get to be like, "oooooh it's cold, hug me," when we're walking outside. come on, what girl doesn't love that? and scarf time...which is kinda more a pro than a con, b/c scarves can be quite cute. and hot cocoa time! yes! finally i can order hot drinks at starbucks. not that i have any meal plan left! $28 better last me til dec. 13th! and most importantly (after next thursday) it is christmas music time! i am a firm believer in no christmas music until after thanksgiving, so i will not be downloading any mariah carey, jessica simpson, christina aguilera, nsync etc. until after the 22nd. NO.

i'm really excited for the holidays. many, many reasons come to mind. i'm excited for thanksgiving, b/c (even if i'm not going home) i get to be w/people i love. or at least one person i love. and lots lots lots of food! and then we're going to go shopping for christmas/semi-formal on black friday (which i'm not too excited about). and when we're at the mall we're going to go look at the phones again. 'cuz i definitely need a new phone. and this one is going to be a good one and not die on me. hopefully. semi-formal shopping! this means i get a new dress and ernest is going to wear a tie and slacks! :) this is not a normal occurence, thus my excitement. then semi-formal is less than 3 weeks after thanksgiving. so that's something to look forward to.

and then, thank goodness, the end of the semester! i cannot wait! i haven't decided when exactly i will be flying home, but it'll be sometime after the 13th. christmas at home. i can't wait. i really really can't. i miss my family (esp my sisters) so much! it'll be really nice to see everyone. of course, my trip home will be cut short b/c we want to go to new york city for new year's eve. me, ernest, dani, and dave and maybe a few others. tons of fun! hopefully it works out, but if it doesn't that's okay too.

so those are the things i'm looking forward to...which makes this semester seem like its draaaaaaaging. k, back to work. :)

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