Thursday, August 3, 2017

rollercoaster rides has moved!!!

every once in a while, we see the world through rose-colored glasses, and we realize we have to make big, hard changes to hold on to that happiness and sense of adventure.  at some point as i turned thirty and my life went in a billion different directions, i realized i needed to make A LOT of big, hard changes, and so here we are.  i'm not leaving this original blog behind, as it was where i got my start, planted my roots, so to speak.  no, i'm taking it with me, and it will always be here for us to look back on and remember when...well, when a lot of moments were hard, or happy.  i'm so excited to have a new space to be creative in, although you will still see a lot of the same content (excerpts, friday posts, monday mantras, etc.), just with a fresh look.  so, if you've been along for the ride thus far, feel free to follow me to my new destination.

this way to the new site!

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