Friday, May 5, 2017


just a little nola nostalgia.

there's been this change in me, lately, to embrace my freedom, to say 'yes' where i would usually say 'no' out of fear of what could happen, to stop hearing the ticking in the back of my mind and let the chips fall where they may.  it's exhausting to care so much about someone who doesn't return the feeling, or who can't return the feeling.  it's exhausting to think about how time is precious and you just may be running out of it.  it's exhausting to always try to be right, and to think that because you've hit a certain age you shouldn't keep making mistakes like you did in your twenties.  let me tell you something, loves, i was married too young, and it caged me for the entirety of my twenties.  now i realize that you don't stop making mistakes, they just change over time, and that's ok.  you can still be young and wild, at thirty.  who you are deep down inside doesn't change just because you enter a new decade.  real talk.

peak of the week:  plans falling into place and giving me things to look forward to, like turnpike troubadours at floore's next weekend, rockport for my birthday, and L.A. in the fall.  oh, and i signed up for this fun little book of the month club.  :)

it's the pits:  i have been eaten alive by mosquitos!  idk where they even come from...but my body is covered in bites.  who has a good recommendation for a mosquito repellent bracelet?

i'm so glad it's friday, and i'm super-excited for this weekend!  i have literally nothing planned, so i get to just relax and enjoy some free time with my sisters and hopefully get all my "chores" done super-early (instead of last-minute on sunday, as per usual).  but when you have a free weekend, i mean, you just gotta go where the adventures take you...

have an adventurous weekend, y'all!


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