Saturday, December 31, 2016

top five of 2016.

i think we've all been waiting for this moment, no?  now i can't entirely hate on 2016, because it brought me more joy than heartache, to be honest.  but man, was it hard.  looking back at my year in photos, it was actually difficult to find anything from january-august (i sure did find a whole lot of passive-agressive memes though, lol).  i could sit here and postulate as to why that was, but we're not here to dwell are we?  instead, let's hope for a better year next year as we recap my top five moments of 2016.

1.  welcome, baby lucas.  i am ashamed to admit this, but i was apprehensive about becoming an aunty.  the dynamic between my sisters and i is so important to me and i was worried about how it would change once we added nieces or nephews to the mix.  also, i worried about my baby sister's health and happiness (ever the big sister, even if she's 25 - i'm still protective).  but it has been so magical to see how becoming a mother has only made my sister's life better, and the moment i knew lucas had made it into the world, i fell in love.  it's been so amazing to see him grow over the last two months, and i live for the little cooing sounds he makes, his squirmyness, and how peaceful he looks when he falls asleep.  also, that baby smell!  i've heard people go on and on about it, but i never thought i'd fall prey to it.  it's all i can do to not sit there sniffing him all day lol!  ok, overshare.  sorry!

2.  the demise of roxie.  this shouldn't be a top moment, but it is.  it was time for roxie to go, and it was time for me to let her go.  we had an amazing seven years together, covering over 150,000 miles, half the continental u.s., and about a year's worth of tears.  i still miss her, but it's time for a big-girl vehicle.

3.  garth brooks live in concert with my bff, lisa.  he was amazing, and one of my faves since i was knee high to a grasshopper.  so grateful that lisa took me with her!

4. celebrating my thirtieth birthday.  bittersweet that i had a such a good time in vegas at edc, but the people i love the most weren't there.

5.  planning lucas's toy story baby shower.  everything came together so nicely and it was so much fun putting together the decor.

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